Saturday, May 10, 2014

3..2..1..BLAST OFF!

Despite only going to Taco Bell 2 or 3 times in my life (last time being probably around 10 years ago...) -- I'M SO IN ON THE HYPE! My best friend always tells me about how 'Baja Blast' is the bomb ~~ But I never go to Taco Bell, so I've never tried it...

I would probably say Mountain Dew is my favorite soda (although I shouldn't really be drinking soda at all!) and when I saw that 'Baja Blast' had "come to can," I was excited. I shouldn't be excited about soda. But oh well.

After a quick round of geocaching in the woods (HOLY HELL WOODS ARE SCARY!), a friend and I stopped at a store, and saw this baby! Check it out. The awesome can. Of. BAJA. BLAST.

(тид) BAJA OR BUST! (Figured I'd take a shot of the...winning opportunities?)

Check out the awesome can! I'm usually not into these things...But it just wanted to pose with the plants ^.~


Uhm...Is it terrible of me just to make a post about my nom-licious dessert I had tonight? I took a picture of it...and thought I'd share. 

EAT MORE BERRIES! (Okay, and I guess you can have a little choco wth it, too. ^.~ )

Thursday, May 8, 2014


On May 5th, although most of us were celebrating Cinco de Mayo ~~ It was Children's Day in Japan! Granted...I totally forgot that the 5th was Children's Day until today when I was at Mitsuwa (Japanese Marketplace thing...) 

Anywho~ I got an adorable pinwheel with a blue and red carp in honor of the holiday! I love it =)


(Oh the selfies...)

It's so nice outside today! A bit above 80~wonderful!!! A bit too sunny for my liking,
SUN HAT! <---Topic for next post!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

~Game Pazzo Quarter Dance Games Night~

Tonight around 7:30 I headed over to Game Pazzo. It's a little bit of a drive from my house (about 30-35 minutes)...but it's so much fun! I'm still quite terrible at dance games...(Well, out of the ones there, I've played DDR the I'd say that's my best).

I recorded it three times hoping I'd pass. To no avail.

Anyway, I played my second (and third) set ever of Pump it Up!! Pump is fun, but because the arrows are DIAGONAL (T_T) I cannot really read it...But I made a video of my third set. I'm pretty awful, and I don't even know if I've passed anything more than a 7? Very fun, though! Maybe I'll try doubles next time!
Check out this video! I played Passacaglia -- On a really low difficulty....


It's great--On Saturday nights, they come and change the price of the games from 75 cents a set, to 25 cents! SO MUCH CHEAPER! (Can actually afford it ^.~)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anime Central in TWO WEEKS!

As the title indicates, ACen is in two weeks! (Well, two weeks and a day)~

I'm so excited!! But unfortunately...I have yet to finish my costume. BUT HERE ARE SOME PROGRESS PICTURES!

This is the start of the front of the top. It's kind of like scales...I still have to finish up all of the loose threads, and I still have a lot of work to do in the front. (The straps will be covered in black, and the edges of the bust part will be finished off with black ribbon). I still need to sew the rest of the cards to the front, but it'll get done!

(Top) Right: This is the start of the skirt. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it full length like I had originally planned... T_T ... I've seen a full length one done once, and it looked...let's just say I didn't like it at all. Cards don't maneuver anything like fabric. But here's to mini-skirts!
(Top) Left: This is the back of the top. I installed eyelets, it is laced up with black ribbon. The cards are sewn together with a zig-zag stitch.

(Bottom) Left: These are the shoes I will be wearing with my costume. They are 6 inch platform Jeffrey Campbell's and although I can walk in them...A whole weekend in them is going to be crazy hard on my feet! OH WELL!
(Bottom) Right: There's my wig! I honestly just placed it on top of my head...It looks ridiculous. You can see my pink hair! My wig obviously needs a good brushing! It's from Gothic Lolita Wigs (in the style 'Rhapsody'). 


Thanks for reading ^.~