Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Becoming Rapunzel ~not all~

~Tales of a Raspberry-Head~
For about two years now, I have had red hair. Red, magenta, raspberry, pink, etc etc -- it's been called a lot of different colors. (The color has varied over the many times I've dyed it--so that makes sense).

Before I colored my hair red, I did tons of research. It's necessary, else you might end up with a head of...either not red hair, or no hair at all! (Many other possibilities exist, too, I suppose!) Recently (we'll say...the past 6 months or so)~ I've been contemplating the idea of going blonde. About a week and a half ago, I took it into my own hands to begin the process. I think I've read every post/watched every video about bleaching hair, going blonde, toning hair, etc. that was ever made. (Of course not really...)

I'm extremely cautious about my hair. Once while bleaching the underside of my bangs (around two years ago), I mistakenly bleached it to the point where it fell out. Loads of tears were shed. Story done.

Similar to all of the posts I've read / videos I've watched I have discovered a --not so fantastic-- fact that red is impossible to get out of your hair. It is stubborn like no other! Since I've begun the process of 'going blonde' ~ I've used exclusively Head&Shoulders as my shampoo, done the vitamin C color fade method (once), and have done a REALLY SHORT (like...5 minutes tops) bleach bath. Because I never had pre-bleached hair, my hair is not actually blonde in any way, shape, or form, under my red color. L'oreal HiColor Hilights (the dye I use) only lifts the color of your hair enough to dye and deposit the particular color it is going for. My hair is orange under there.

These two photos are from 6 days ago--(I had kind of bleached my roots a couple of days earlier). This result is after trying to fade my hair using Head&Shoulders shampoo for a few days. 
Yay for pink hair!
Now...Yesterday I did the vitamin C method for fading hair. I only did it once. I also have done a bleach bath...come to think of it, I actually did two within the past week and a half--however, I haven't left it in for more than 5 minutes (I'd rather be safe than sorry, and have just been experimenting). I've continued to use the Head&Shoulders, and now my hair is very interesting looking...I'll post pictures I just took.

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