Saturday, May 10, 2014

3..2..1..BLAST OFF!

Despite only going to Taco Bell 2 or 3 times in my life (last time being probably around 10 years ago...) -- I'M SO IN ON THE HYPE! My best friend always tells me about how 'Baja Blast' is the bomb ~~ But I never go to Taco Bell, so I've never tried it...

I would probably say Mountain Dew is my favorite soda (although I shouldn't really be drinking soda at all!) and when I saw that 'Baja Blast' had "come to can," I was excited. I shouldn't be excited about soda. But oh well.

After a quick round of geocaching in the woods (HOLY HELL WOODS ARE SCARY!), a friend and I stopped at a store, and saw this baby! Check it out. The awesome can. Of. BAJA. BLAST.

(тид) BAJA OR BUST! (Figured I'd take a shot of the...winning opportunities?)

Check out the awesome can! I'm usually not into these things...But it just wanted to pose with the plants ^.~

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